The Mission of a Storage Container Business

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What is the Mission of a Storage Container Business?

What could possibly be of such pivotal importance to determine the simple mission of a storage container business? If you are asking yourself that you will more than likely find yourself enlightened on the following information. 

There are many key aspects to running any sort of successful business such as: customer service, quality of product/service, and many others. With so many broad key elements it is necessary to go into detail about the particular segments within in order to realize what ones true mission statement can be.


Customer Service and its relation to the Mission of a Storage Container Business

In any company, customer service is crucial to the success of a business and the mission should pertain to meeting its customers needs. Almost everyone has had both great and poor customer service and it truly makes a difference on how the business is viewed from a customers standpoint. From the container business aspect, it is crucial to meet the customers needs by providing information on whichever container they are inquiring about, following up, and being completely honest. On a residential sale, it is crucial to set up an appointment for the customer to inspect the desired container and also to visit the location it is to be dropped off at to determine both the price of the delivery and its possibility to drop in the proper location. Moreover, this will show the customer the desire meet their needs and create a great business to customer relationship which could lead to future business with either them or a referred friend/acquaintance. On a Commercial sale, it is of paramount importance to inspect the containers that are sold or rented before delivery to make sure there is no evidence of water leakage through signs of holes, tears, mold, warped wood base, and worn seals. Also, when delivered is important to drop in the desired location by the stores manager with minimal to no damage to the concrete. In both situations, it is of utmost importance to be on or ahead of the time schedule desired by the customer. These particular segments are only few yet key pieces of customer service that contribute to the mission of a storage container business through meeting the customers needs and wants at the highest efficiency.


Quality of product/service and  its relation to the Mission of a Storage Container Business

Storage containers are usually purchased used from a shipping container lot and these containers have been back and forth across the ocean several times. Therefore, the containers have been subjected to harsh weather and machinery that leads to inflicting damage. Thus, when purchasing these containers it is crucial to make sure they are in the proper condition that customers are willing and able to buy. This includes, but not limited to, having fully functional doors, no mildew or signs of water leakage, and others listed in the previous paragraph. All of these aspects will benefit a business in providing a high quality of product. The service, on the other hand, pertains to communicating efficiently, being on time, and also representing the companies standards through an employees actions. Communicating efficiently comes into play when receiving an inquiry and following up with the customer. Being on time is crucial to promoting a good relationship and making clear how important the transaction is with your customer which plays into representing the companies standards. Moreover, representing the companies standards will be shown by being presentable, straight forward, and cordial. The quality of product/service is therefore another huge aspect in furnishing the mission of a storage container business.