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With our new branch of Office Containers we now are able to offer 20' full offices, 20' combo office/storage containers, 40' full offices, and 40' combo offices!

All Office Containers come equipped with wood interior, windows with burglar bars, 10,000 BTU A/C unit, Metal Door, Kwikset Locks, a light switch, and multiple electrical outlets. The office is completely weather proof and can be powered through connecting a cable to the wires located in the cable box next to the A/C unit.

Our Offices are designed to fit our customers needs at the time of request! Items that may be added to what is listed above include: blueprint tables, foldout tables, lock box's, and other furnishings upon request.

The companies we currently serve include: General Construction, electrical,  and plumbing contractors, as well as local businesses looking to transition or expand office space.