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3 Tips You Need To Know When Purchasing A Shipping Container

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In this day and age, Shipping Containers are purchased to build homes, create storage, and many other crafty ideas rather than its sole purpose of being used as a safe weatherproof crate for long distance shipping. Regardless of the uses varying between a commercial or residential customer, there are basic yet crucial elements for the purchasing process. These elements consist of:  The Quality of the Shipping Container, The Price of the Shipping Container, and The Ability to Deliver the Shipping Container.

The Quality of the Shipping Container

The quality of a shipping container consists of both the physical condition of the container and the business providing the product. The things to look for when judging the physical condition will change depending on if it is a new or used container. When purchasing a new container the standards should be held just as if you were buying anything new. The paint should be in pristine condition and the container should have no dents whatsoever. Also, the container should be sealed properly to where there is no evidence of leaks or humidity that would lead to any sort of mold. Used containers are held to a different standard due to there primary use of being shipped and transported across long distances to keep whatever inside safe and unaffected by weather. Therefore, it is beneficial to look for a container that has no rust spots and minimal dents. The most important thing to look for would be signs of mold or water leaks on the inside of the container.  Moreover, (when purchasing) You can replace warn pieces such as rubber seals, repainting, and banging out dents. However, the signs of mold and water leaks leads to having to replace cracks, holes, and rust spots that is way higher in consumption of time and money. The Quality of the Shipping Container also pertains to the business the customer is purchasing from. The business in charge of taking care of the containers and providing a great quality of both the product and service. When purchasing from nation wide companies you can expect a high price and low consideration of a customers time frame. Furthermore, A local business will more than likely pertain to meeting a lower cost and getting to the customer on time.

The Price of the Shipping Container

The price of the shipping container will vary between new and used. A new container forty foot container can cost anywhere between four to five thousand dollars while a used forty foot container can cost between twenty-five to thirty five hundred dollars. A new twenty foot container can cost between twenty five to thirty five hundred while a used forty foot container can cost anywhere between fifteen to twenty five hundred dollars. Again, this varies depending on the company selling the product. Delivery costs are subject to distance between where the containers are stored and its destination. Some companies offer a low delivery cost but sell a higher priced container while others sell a lower priced container with a higher priced delivery cost. The customer would have to do the math to see what is the optimal purchase in that situation. Also, A well established company will typically offer a lower delivery cost due to having the proper equipment to execute the delivery efficiently. Another point would be the amount of containers you purchase. Typically if you purchase in bulk you will be able to negotiate a lower price per container. These are the segments that contribute to the overall price of the container.

The Ability to Deliver the Shipping Container

The choice of whether to use the company to deliver the shipping container or picking up and delivering the container themselves is up to the customer. When deciding between the two, the customer must understand if he or she decides to opt out of the delivery cost they must then have the proper equipment to transport and take off the container. This would require a trailer that can hold the correct amount of weight as well as a regular size forklift to take the container off of the container. If the customer opts for the delivery service they must keep in mind the price and if the driver can drop off the container in the desired spot. There are several occurrences when a customer wants a container dropped off in a back yard or tight space that a trailer cannot fit into. Moreover, the condition of the ground whether it is wet or not will affect the ability of getting stuck and then the whole operation comes to a halt.